Welcome To The Aurora Co-op Preschool

What is a Co-op?

Parents are the primary educators of young children. A Co-op allows parents the unique opportunity to share in their children’s early school experiences and to take an active role in their education. It also enables each child to develop independence, while maintaining a sense of security. The Co-op values a close relationship with our parents, the community and area school systems. We acknowledge that active parent participation helps broaden the developmental process of young children.

The Aurora Co-op Preschool’s mission is to work in partnership with families to meet the learning and developmental needs of preschool children. The school strives to facilitate children’s optimal growth and development through positive and supportive learning environments, interactions, and experiences.

The Aurora Co-op Preschool is proud to be rated as a five star Step Up To Quality program.

For nearly 40 years, the Aurora Co-op Preschool has been preparing young children for their primary education. Our professional teachers provide students with an age-appropriate curriculum and work together with parents to create a comprehensive and enjoyable learning environment.

Our Philosophy

Our program, based on research and developmentally appropriate practices, is designed to meet the learning and developmental needs of preschool children. We believe that children do best when families seek out quality early learning opportunities and experiences for them and play an active role in their education.

We recognize parents and families as the first and most important teacher in a child’s life and value the individuality of each family. Children’s learning is continuous and occurs in all settings and the experiences children bring from home are valued and built upon in our school setting. Families, schools, and communities all have significant roles to play in terms of what opportunities are available to children and how well a child is able to take advantage of those opportunities. The establishment and maintenance of positive reciprocal relationships among these settings for the purpose of coordination and continuity of services serves to benefit children.

At the Aurora Co-op Preschool, expectations for children are guided by our staff’s knowledge of the processes and sequences of young children’s learning and development and the optimal conditions under which children develop to their fullest potential. Early childhood education is largely child-centered education. Children are born ready to learn. The preservation of children’s natural curiosity and motivation to learn are enhanced and enriched through sensory-rich experiences, play, exploration, and language rich environments. Play is a very important and special part of childhood. Hands-on activities create natural, authentic contexts for learning that allow children to feel a sense of mastery as they develop a more complex understanding of their world. This philosophy follows with Piaget’s ideals that children should be actively engaged in their world and various environments.

The preschool years are a time of significant growth, but young children learn in ways and at rates different from older children. Young children’s development and learning is rapid, uneven, and episodic. The wide range of skills, competencies and achievements children exhibit are the result of the complex mix of the ability to learn and past learning opportunities and experiences. The domains of children’s development are highly interrelated and learning within any one domain of development affects learning in the other domains.

Young children develop in an environment of influential relationships. They flourish when adult interactions provide security, nurturance, guidance and positive encouragement. Student learning – individually, within a small group, and during a whole class activity – is supported by caring professional teachers in our classrooms. A natural and joyful concentration is the result when students are truly engaged in a wide variety of challenging and interesting activities that are appealing, appropriate, and can be adapted for individual developmental patterns.

Development and learning are inextricably tied to the health and well being of children. At the Aurora Co-op Preschool, we strive to ensure that children are provided healthy and safe physical and interpersonal environments that support positive outcomes.

The Aurora Cooperative Preschool will not discriminate against any individual or group because of race, sex, religion, age, national origin, color, marital status, political beliefs or disability. This practice is applied to every aspect of our program, policies and activities.

Benefits of Parental Engagement

When parents have an active role in their child’s education it helps to broaden the developmental process in that young child.
Below are some specific ways that you can benefit from being involved in your child’s experience at our cooperative preschool:

  • Provides opportunity for parents to share in child’s first school experience
  • Exposure to your child in a learning environment
  • Enables each child to develop independence, while maintaining a sense of security
  • Parens have a working relationship with teachers
  • Learn about your child, child’s classmates, and other families
  • Exposure to classroom activities & teaching strategies
  • Share special time and memories with your child
  • Better understand your child’s strengths and opportunities for growth