We hope you will find these testimonials from our satisfied parents helpful when selecting a preschool. Please feel free to call us to schedule a tour or visit and to
answer any questions you may have.
"Excellent Preschool: While exploring preschool programs for our 4 year old, we visited many schools to learn about their teaching styles. We were quite pleased to discover the Aurora Co-op - it was a perfect match for our family. We enjoy being part of our children's education and have established a great "system" to talk about their day from being in the classroom and seeing first hand what they do. Our youngest son attended the Parent & Me program and 3 year old program. We're looking forward to his next year (4's) with the excellent teaching staff! Definitely worth a visit while considering a program for your 2 to 4 year old."

"The Aurora Co-op Preschool is an amazing place to send your child! Not only does the Co-op teach the children age appropriate material but these teachers truly care about the children! They put so much thought and energy into everything they do! I am quite often brought to tears by the things my daughter brings home! My daughter at least once a week tells me how her school and teachers are great, and they truly are! They are creating memories and expreriences for my daughter that she will remember always!

Mrs. Kachur has helped my daughter develop into a thriving 5 year old by making school fun yet educational! I feel very confident in sending my daughter to kindergarten in the fall! My 3 1/2 year old can not wait to attend the 4's class this fall and have Mrs.Kachur as her teacher!

If you are needing a preschool for your 2-5 year old child, The Aurora Co-op is definitely the best place!"
"We're thrilled with the Aurora Co-op! As a former teacher, I'm amazed at the level of attention and quality of instruction my child is receiving due to the cooperative format. With two parents joining the two teachers each class to assist with learning activites, the kids benefit tremendously. The parents share the load of cleaning, preparing snacks, etc. which frees the teachers to focus on the children and their education. The teachers are highly qualified and worked with us as our high-energy child adjusted to the structure and expectations of a school setting. Our son loves school!

The Aurora Co-op has been such a high quality beginning to our child's education, and even more importantly, his social development. We're thrilled that we found a place to prepare our child for kindergarten and beyond in such a positive way, and we love that we can participate in the beginning of his educational journey."