“We love the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and also the individualized academic support. The co-op is very good at offering creative ways of learning. “
“We love the family-centered, small community”
“I appreciate having small groups of kids for each level.  We love seeing the kids grow as the year goes on.”
 “I enjoy how excited the teachers are.  We love the teachers, curriculum, and environment.”
“I am confident my children will be prepared for their future education both academically and socially/emotionally. I really appreciate individual feedback from the teachers and the relationship I have formed with them as partners in my children’s education. “
“We’ve enjoyed how much the teachers truly care about our children. We love how the school believes in play and creativity time. “
“Great program! I like the park setting and the learning environment. “
“We love the teachers and parent involvement within the classroom. “
 “We love the feeling of famliy”
“The teachers are wonderful!”
“I love being able to be in the classroom and be so involved in my child’s education”


~ From Our Parents