Ann Olsen 


Position:  Teacher
Classes: 4s 
Years at the Co-op: Director for 3 years, Teacher for 11 years
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Miami University
Other Teaching Experience: 5 years teaching Middle School in South Carolina, Ohio and North Carolina
Quote: Brain research has revealed the importance that early childhood education plays in a child’s life. A child’s brain develops and forms during the early stages of life (Birth to age 5). As educators, we have the awesome opportunity and responsibility to lay the foundation for a successful future for each child that enters our classroom. At the Aurora Co-op, our caring and nurturing teachers implement a play-based learning approach helping the students learn and grow in a way that is natural for them. Please come and visit us to learn more about our 4-star Step Up to Quality rated school.

Sharla VanAirsdale 


Name: Sharla VanAirsdale
Position: Teacher
Classes: 3’s
Years at the Co-op: 2 years teaching, alumni family
Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Processes from University of Wisconsin- Green Bay. Currently pursuing her Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.
Other Experience: Substitute teacher for the Co-Op for 2 years, Director's Assistant at the Co-Op for 1 year, volunteer for Aurora Reads program and childcare worker at local gym. Sharla is the mother of two school-aged boys and was a member of the co-op for two years with her younger son in the 4’s and pre-K classes.
Quote: The Aurora Co-Op was my first experience with a Co-Op and I loved it! I love being able to, as a parent, be actively involved in my child's learning and I hope to help make the experience just as rewarding for other parents! I am excited to be learning and growing along with the parents and children at the sch

Marlene Meine

Position: Teacher
Classes: 3s and Pre-K
Years at the Co-op: 1 year
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Kent State University
Other Teaching Experience:

8 years teaching preschool in Northeast Ohio as well as multiple years teaching kindergarten and first grade.

Quote: I believe children thrive in an environment where learning is guided by student interest and curiosity. My role as a teacher is to facilitate this learning process through guided play, building a material rich learning environment, and creating a warm, inviting classroom in which children will grow.


Michelle Jenkins 

Position: Teacher
Classes: 4’s
Years at the Co-op: 1 year, alumni family
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Other Experience: 11 years teaching kindergarten, and 3 years as the high school cross country coach in Ann Arbor, MI. 4 years in Wisconsin's Special Education Department.
Quote: As a teacher it is my goal to help student become confident learners.

Kim Newbauer

Position: Teacher
Classes: 2’s
Years at the Co-op: 1 year teaching, alumni family
Degree: Bachelor Degree in Human Development and Family Science from The Ohio State University and a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Development from John Carroll University
Other Experience: 7 years teaching preschool. Kim is a mother of two and has enjoyed her experiences with the Pre-K and 2’s classes with her children.

Michelle Kalista

 Position: Director
Years at the Co-op: Alumni since 2008, 2.5 years as Executive Board Treasurer, 1 year as Director
Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Science, Masters in Public Administration
Experience: Worked for the Cleveland Metropolitan School district for 10 years in the Government Affairs Department and the Office of Institutional Advancement. Consulted with TIES (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM) for 7 years.