The Co-op is governed by an Executive School Board that is comprised of the Director and volunteer parents who are current members and are voted in by current members of the Co-op

Michelle Kalista
 Position: Director
 Years at the Co-op: Alumni since 2008, 2.5 years as Executive Board  Treasurer, 1 year as Director
 Degree: Bachelor of Arts and Science, Masters in Public Administration
 Experience: Worked for the Cleveland Metropolitan School district for 10 years  in the Government Affairs Department and the Office of Institutional  Advancement. Consulted with TIES (Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM)  for 7 years.
2016/2017 Executive Board Members
      Holly Banks                                         Beth Wolf
                                                                                   President                                                 Vice President
            Jennifer Tate                                       Rob Slade
               Secretary                                                Treasurer