Pre-K Program


Through a carefully planned curriculum and methods grounded in quality research, this class offers enriched learning experiences to address each child's development in preparation for Kindergarten.  Our skilled and experienced teachers use a variety of assessment driven, individualized instruction strategies and approaches to support the interest and ability of each child. 

Our Pre-k program runs from Monday - Thursday, 12pm - 2:45pm.  Children in this program should be able to easily separate from their parents, demonstrate self-regulation, and have had previous experiences in group situations, such as preschool. Enrollment in the Pre-k class is a natural progression from the four-year old class. Children entering the Pre-k program should be 5 years of age by January 31st. Children not meeting the age requirement may enter the program at the suggestion and/or approval of the teachers. 

 Marlene Meine

Position: Lead Teacher
Classes: Pre-K
Years at the Co-op: 1 year
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Kent State University
Other Teaching Experience:  8 years teaching preschool in Northeast Ohio as well as multiple years teaching kindergarten and first grade.

Quote: I believe children thrive in an environment where learning is guided by student interest and curiosity. My role as a teacher is to facilitate this learning process through guided play, building a material rich learning environment, and creating a warm, inviting classroom in which children will grow.

Tuition & Fees 2016-2017

Monthly Tuition - $240
Annual Snack Fee - $50 
Annual Fundraising Fee - $50 for families with a single student and $75 for families  with multiple students
Registration Fee - $80 for first child; $50 each additional child

We accept credit cards for tuition payment and your tuition may be tax deductible (please see your tax preparer for more information)! Payments made with a credit card will receive a $4 processing fee.

Our low tuition prices are because of our parent involvement. We pride ourselves in keeping in touch with the parents after every class and throughout the year. Parents help us make our school one of the very best!

Classroom Schedule

Weekly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

12:00pm - 2:45pm

Classes may be cancelled if not filled or financially feasible for the Co-op. Class times and dates are subject to change.