Our school believes strongly that encouraging our students to build a healthy relationship with nature and outdoor play will promote healthy habits with nature and physical activity as they grow. Evidence of this can be found in a study titles The Importance of Outdoor Play at Preschool by Johnson, Christie and Wardle. We have been very purposeful in locating our school in a location that provides our teachers and students with exactly this opportunity.

Our certified teachers intentionally incorporate nature into all subject areas in real and tangible was, not as occasional field trips, but as daily opportunities to enrich learning. This thrill of adventure, the joy of discovery and the peace of being in nature are a part of the students’ everyday experiences at the Aurora Cooperative Preschool.

Using the natural resources around them to observe wildlife, construct with nature, dig, play in the mud, climb, and collect pieces of nature give the students an opportunity to problem-solve, make inferences, draw conclusions, experiment, compare, and practice asking questions. Providing students with such a rich and tangible learning environment is a priority.

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