Welcome To The Aurora Co-op Preschool

Welcome to Aurora Co-op Preschool

What is a Co-op? Parents are the primary educators of young children. A Co-op allows parents the unique opportunity to share in their children’s early school experiences and to take an active role in their education. It also enables each …

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Programs that spark creativity

The Parent & Me Program at the Aurora Co-op is designed for your toddler to develop a sense of self, oral language skills, basic cognitive concepts, sensory-motor-skills and creative self-expression through play, art and music. (more...)

3 Year Old Program

Every child enters the world ready to learn and wanting to learn. The three’s curriculum at the Aurora Co-op nurtures the potential and continuing growth of a child’s knowledge and understanding of themselves and their world. (more…)

4 Year Old Program

Four year-olds learn through direct interactive experiences and learn extraordinary amounts through play and exploration. The curriculum for our four year-olds provides a learning environment that offers activities that encourage exploring, asking questions, sharing information and using imagination.

Pre-K Program

Through a carefully planned curriculum and methods grounded in quality research, this class offers enriched learning experiences to address each child’s development in preparation for Kindergarten.

Family Resources

At the Aurora Cooperative Preschool, we recognize parents and families as the first and most important teacher in a child’s life and value the individuality of each family. Children’s learning is continuous and occurs in all settings and the experiences children bring from home are valued and built upon in our school setting. Families, schools, and communities all have significant roles to play in terms of what opportunities are available to children and how well a child is able to take advantage of those opportunities. The establishment and maintenance of positive reciprocal relationships among these settings for the purpose of coordination and continuity of services serves to benefit children.

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